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  • June 3, 2015

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Welcome inn: Rural couple finds shared joy as B&B hosts

RURAL — Robert and Deb Benada were looking for a change. Both were in busy jobs with few advancement options in California, and Robert was near enough to retirement that a move closer to family members in northern Illinois and Wisconsin was likely to come sooner rather than later.

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Crystal River Inn B&B

Pepin County dairy breakfast hosts have history of ... Innovation in the field

LIMA — With farm­land in rolling hills, the Schlosser fam­ily re­al­ized in the early 1950s ef­forts would need to be made to keep their land pro­duc­tive.

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Schlosser Dairy

Research shows how to get the most out of hay

MADISON — If you drop a large round bale on the ground in your horse pas­ture or pad­dock you're throw­ing away 60 per­cent of it, ac­cord­ing to re­search done at the Univer­sity of Min­nesota that has com­pared var­i­ous meth­ods of feed­ing hay in an ef­fort to find the most ef­fi­cient means.

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Net feeder

Robot a labor saver for Lafayette breakfast hosts

ARGYLE — Kevin Makos didn’t hire much off-farm la­bor be­fore he in­stalled a ro­botic milk­ing sys­tem on his farm a lit­tle less than a year ago, so he said it’s hard to put a value on the la­bor sav­ings with the more au­to­mated sys­tem.

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Kevin Makos

Learning on the go: Bur­nett County farmer find­ing that bi­son, as­pen may be less-than-ideal sa­van­nah part­ners

SPOONER — When Dave Fogerty invited grazing and forestry experts and others to take a stroll through his aspen savannah, he didn’t intend to showcase it as a model that others might lead.

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Fogerty farm, Spooner

Views from the valley: Eckert shares her family farm’s 100-year story

ARENA — It’s not every day a journalist gets to write about his or her home. Then again, not every journalist grows up in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

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Nels-Vale Farm

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