Sharp shooting: Camera catches candid gun deer season events

posted Nov. 27, 2017 8:58 a.m. (CDT)
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    Hunts involving deer drivers and deer standers must be planned and plans must be hunted precisely for all persons to be safe.
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    Lunch break consisting of a can of fish with crackers occurred where most convenient. In this case, that happened to be the front seat of a vehicle while the driver’s seat functions as a clothes dryer.
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    DNR make-shift clinics processes deer gland samples for disease testing, in this case using a taxidermist’s enclosed trailer as their laboratory.
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    Large bucks seemed to go into hiding during the first day, sometimes becoming less noticeable by bedding down among trees and other vegetation.
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    The tradition of sticking a cartridge casing on an antler tip may have no meaning to anyone but the hunter.
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    Beards are grown to mark the beginning of the nine-day season, which hunters often spend at the same location year after year.

Photo essay by Jerry Davis

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