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’Tis the season for taking down the Christmas tree

posted: April 30. 2018 07:21a CST
by / Benjamin Wideman, Regional Editor |

It had to happen sooner or later.

On April 23, nearly four months after my favorite holiday, I finally took down the Christmas tree.

Why so late, you ask?

Why so early, I say.

Last year, I delayed the inevitable until sometime in mid-July. And the year before that I’m fairly certain it stayed up until sometime in June.

I just like seeing my Christmas tree every day. What can I say?

Of course, my Christmas tree fit in perfectly this spring, especially during the weekend of April 14-15, when my area in Brown County was smothered in more than 24 inches of snow from Blizzard Evelyn.

Anyone braving the slick roads in front of my residence that weekend would have second guessed what season it was — having seen a brightly lit Christmas tree shining through the living room window, bright colors reflecting in the mammoth snow drifts in the front yard. All that was missing was Santa, his sleigh and the reindeer on my rooftop.

The neighbors probably figured I was crazy for still having a Christmas tree up in mid-April. So be it.

Needless to say, it’s not a real Christmas tree. I’ve had those in the past, and in my opinion they’re definitely better than an artificial tree. Real trees have that holiday scent and actual needles you get to vacuum off the carpet. But this artificial tree looks very lifelike, so it gets the job done. I purchased it from Menard’s about 12 years ago for $60 so I figure I’m getting my money’s worth.

That is, unless you factor in the electric bill. Since putting up the Christmas tree shortly before Thanksgiving, the LED lights haven’t been turned off. Not once. Note to self: turn the lights off next time I’m out of town for the weekend.

All of the ornaments were removed from the tree and carefully boxed up about a month ago. But I couldn’t bring myself to take the tree down at that time.

Even through the Christmas tree has since been dragged back down into the basement, the feel of winter hasn’t left the living room entirely. 

A 10-foot-long antique toboggan is still propped up in one corner of the living room. Another corner features a vintage sled with a red bow, pine cones and jingle bells. Next to the couch, a handmade gingerbread house sits on the end table.

But the centerpiece item, the tree, is no longer standing. One of these years I’ll leave it up until the following Christmas.

Not this year, though. Winter lingered long enough, and without the Christmas tree near the front window I can now clearly see the green grass outside.

Only six more months until the tree goes back up.

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