Season’s first snowfall means Christmas spirit comes early

posted Nov. 13, 2017 10:24 a.m. (CDT)
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by / Jenessa Freidhof, Regional Editor |

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The first major snowfall at my house came with the beginning of November this year. What started as a few flurries around 4 p.m. turned into a full-on snowstorm sometime overnight. By the next morning there were at least 5 inches of snow on the porch steps and my car, and the roads were one big snowy mess.

Of course what seems to always be the case is the morning after the snow you have to drive somewhere and be there at a certain time, and Nov. 4 was no exception.

Even though I have driven my fair share of treacherous miles, there is something about the beginning of the season that makes the traveling even worse. The roads near my house had not been plowed and as a result were nearly impassable. My little car struggled to make it up the hill near my house, nearly coming to a complete stop about two-thirds of the way up the hill. Finally, after asking for St. Christopher’s intercession and finding a bit of grit deep in the snow, the car continued on.

After about 15 miles of slow slogging, the 5 inches we had at home were replaced by a slight dusting and the roads were clear. We made it to our destination and by the time we were heading home, all that remained of the troublesome commute was a car still stuck in the ditch and various tire tracks that showed it hadn’t been the only one along the way.

The first real snow of the year may have caused some anxiety and definitely slowed down travel a bit, but it did have one unintended effect on me. It put me in the Christmas spirit.

I am not typically the type of person who moves up holidays before their time. When I see Halloween items in the store in August and Christmas items in September, I usually groan, roll my eyes and walk away. But for some reason, the snowy weather brings Christmas to mind.

To me, snowy weather means putting up the Christmas tree and sitting by the woodstove, drinking hot chocolate or apple cider. It means Christmas cookies and Chex mix and all the other treats that only appear during the Christmas preparations.

Even though it is brown outside again and the grass still looks a little green, the crisp air and memory of the white flakes has me wanting to play Christmas music while I work and plan when I am going to watch which Christmas movies.

But don’t worry, I have pulled together my self-control and will hold out until after Thanksgiving as I should. I will enjoy my turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and spend quality time with my extended family. I make no guarantees though that I won’t be jamming out to Christmas music come Nov. 24 and making plans to get my Christmas tree in the days that follow.

Jenessa Freidhof covers news and writes feature stories in north-central Wisconsin. She can be reached at

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