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Bankers show concern over ag economy 

posted: January 02. 2018 09:20a CST

A recent survey of Wisconsin bankers found that a majority of bankers are optimistic and confident about Wisconsin’s current economy and what 2018 holds for the state, but they are not so optimistic about what is ahead for the agricultural economy.

The Wisconsin Bankers Association contacted 100 bank CEOs and presidents who contributed to the latest WBA CEO Economic Conditions Survey.

The Wisconsin economy’s current health is good, according to 80 percent of the respondents. Another 9 percent believe the economy to be excellent.

Fifty-three percent believe Wisconsin’s economy will grow over the next six months, while 45 percent say they think it will stay the same.

Business loans seem to be fueling the optimism, with 59 percent saying that current demand is good with another 3 percent stating it is excellent. Demand for business loans will increase in 2018, according to 53 percent of respondents.

The forecast is not as optimistic with the agricultural economy. Only 25 percent of respondents said the agricultural economy is good, while 61 percent said it is fair and 14 percent said it is poor.

Thirteen percent of respondents said they expect the agricultural economy to grow in 2018 while 23 percent said it would weaken and 64 percent predict the agricultural economy will stay the same.

WBA President and CEO Rose Oswald Poels said the news for the overall economy is encouraging, since bankers are the first to see and understand economic trends because of their customers’ activities.

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