For Luttropps, Waushara County Fair is a family affair

posted Aug. 6, 2018 7:38 a.m. (CDT)
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by / Benjamin Wideman, Regional Editor |

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    The Luttropp family will have four children showing animals and projects at the Waushara County Fair. Jeff and Caitlin Luttropp's children include, from left to right, Kelsey, Hazil, Aislee and Adam.

With four energetic children, the Luttropp family is accustomed to juggling busy weeks during the year.

Waushara County Fair week is no exception.

Jeff and Caitlin Luttropp’s children — Adam, 13; Hazil, 11; Aislee, 10; and Kelsey, 8 — will be active participants at the county fair, which is scheduled for Aug. 16-19 in Wautoma.

“Fair week is definitely a busy week for us,” Jeff said. “From starting on Monday getting animals prepped — especially the chickens, getting them bathed, and getting the goats ready — it just gets busier and busier. We’ve been working with the goats and the cows probably for a month and a half already. But we’ll be all ready when the time comes.”

The Luttropps are members of the Cedar Valley 4-H Club, with Jeff serving as a co-leader. The club has about 15 members.

At this year’s fair, Kelsey, who’s in Cloverbuds, will be showing craft projects. Meanwhile, Adam, Hazil and Aislee all will show cows and poultry, while the girls will add goats to their schedules.

In addition, Aislee will display arts and crafts projects, while Hazil is entering several projects, among them sewing, cooking and plants.

When they aren’t involved in those activities, the siblings will lend a hand in the 4-H food stand and participate in the Ag Olympics event.

“I worked hard on a lot of the projects I am taking to the fair,” Hazil said. “I think I did pretty good on them. My favorite things are probably showing the goats and chickens.”

Although there’s certainly a fun component to attending the fair, checking out the sights and hopping on the rides, Hazil said there’s also a friendly sibling rivalry to determine who comes out on top.

“It’s kind of a competition between us,” said Hazil, noting she wants to edge out her brother when it comes to showing cows.

Participating in county fairs runs in the family. Jeff, a former 4-H and FFA member, was a regular attendee at the Green Lake County Fair because it was geographically closer.

“I was pretty active as a kid,” said Jeff, who showed dairy cattle and chickens, as well as field crops, vegetables, photos and scale models.

He said it’s nice to see all four children following in his footsteps.

“I think it’s nice for them to have new opportunities and new experiences,” Jeff said. “For us, 4-H goes beyond just the fair. It’s about other trips and other experiences we can all take part in too.”

The Lattropps live just north of Berlin, within a stone’s throw of Lost Elm dairy farm, owned by Jeff’s parents and brother. Milk from the 200-cow Jersey operation gets shipped to Saputo.

Jeff grew up on that farm, which was started by his grandparents, and over the years he and Caitlin have passed along a love of rural life to their children.

“For us, being on a dairy farm, our personal projects are the chickens and goats and cows, so the kids really get into it,” Jeff said. “Caitlin and I, we just want to help the kids and make sure they do the best they can and give them all types of different opportunities.”

Jeff said the family has shown animals at national and state shows, too. But for now the children’s focus is on the upcoming Waushara County Fair.

“They’re pretty ready to go,” he said. “A lot of the projects than can be done are done. They’re just ready to get to the fair.”

Confirmed Hazil: “I can’t wait for the fair to start.”

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